Welcome to Wellesbourne Primary online safety page, as a school we are aware of the huge benefits of using new technology along with the internet to enhance learning and life in general. We take the safety and well being of our children very seriously and have added this page to share with you our rules regarding e-safety and using the internet in school and at home.

Merseyside Police have launched a new online safety website that will help parents and carers with any concerns they may have regarding online safety, please click here to visit the site (opens in new window)


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Wellesbourne online safety poster – Click on the link to see our school rules for using the internet.

e-safety for parents – This poster, aimed at parents, had been published by Childnet International and gives tips on how to stay cool when using the internet with your child.

Be Smart – This flyer, aimed at children has been published by Childnet International and gives children tips on how to stay safe when using the internet in school or at home.

Good Online Gaming Guide – This guide gives parents all the information they need to know on how to ensure that their children play safe when gaming online.

Safe use of Mobile Phones – A checklist for parents preparing to purchase a mobile phone for their children.

Some of the websites listed below are designed specifically for parents and cover many issues arising from the use of technology and the internet.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/webwise/topics/safety-and-privacy/ – BBC Parent page

http://www.childnet.com/resources/know-it-all-for-parents – Childnet page for parents