Here is a link to a page on Liverpool City Council’s website about the new childcare hubs which are opening on Monday:

Covid 19 parenting Blog – This blog is written by LCC, the Early Help Team and has contributions from citywide partner organisations. This has some great tips and tricks on support available to you, home learning ideas, playing together, and most importantly managing your own and your children’s well being through a difficult and uncertain time such as this. 









Here is a timetable that we have found that you could use to help your children stick to some routine. There are some ideas of activities that you can do for each slot and having this should allow you some space to work yourself also.


We hope that you are all well, and staying safe at home.

To help your child continue with their learning as best as possible during this time we have set this page up with useful links, hints and tips that you can use at home with your children.  Please do not worry, the most important thing is that your child is healthy and happy whilst at home. Learning should feel like fun games.

*Please join us on Tapestry each day, as we will be adding a new activity daily for you to complete with your child at home. *


  • Alistair Bryce Clegg is very popular in the Early Years world. He has made a ‘Home Learning’ section on his website with ‘At least 50 fantastic ideas to try at home’. they look really fun and exciting.
  • Twinkl: The website Twinkl are offering all new users free ultimate access for a month. To use this all you need to do is to set up an account using the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS on the link here you can download activities as well as guides and PowerPoints which support pupils. Twinkl supports all subjects of the curriculum. 

  • The Little Learners channel on Youtube has a range of activity ideas maths, phonics, fine motor, and art.



Below are some useful websites and resources that you can access: 

  • White Rose Home Learning; White Rose has some great home learning resources that are free to use, the first week starts with maths activities around the story Supertato, one of our favourites! You don’t need the books to do the activities, they have some great videos.
  • The ACE Early Years channel on YouTube has a number of the day, and has some maths and phonics games ideas.
  • Adding with a Pirate 
  • Count to 20 and back 
  • Count to 100 and get fit! 



Below are some websites to support your child’s phonics learning. During this term we would be working on consolidating phase 3 phonics, ensuring that we know the sounds, and can write them. Reading and writing phase 3 words and sentences;

  • Oxford Owl: You can create a login and access free reading books that match the reading scheme in school. 
  • Beat the Teacher;
  • See if you can say the phase 2 and 2 sounds before the teacher on the video! Can you do it?
  • Phonics Bloom
  • Top Marks: Lots of different games across a range of subjects. 
  • ICT Games mix of games for English, Maths and Phonics. 
  • Please continue to help children practise their phonics sounds, high frequency word spellings and read home readers. 


Phonics songs

  • Phase 3 sounds video
  • Phase 3 digraphs video
  • Phase 3 tricky words video
  • Phase 4 tricky words video 
  • Blend the words song


Reading; Read as many books as you can to your child, and read books together, talking about what you can see in the pictures, and what may happen next.  have fun, and enjoy reading, read in different places such as in your garden, or inside a den that you have built.

Please practise name writing every day. 


Physical Development If you have playdough at home you could practise strengthening your fingers by doing Dough Disco!! 

  • Shonette Bason Wood has her own YouTube Channel ‘Spread the Happiness TV’ Join her each morning at 9:30am for dough disco sessions.
  • The Little Learners channel on YouTube has fine motor activity ideas.

Below are some useful ways to encourage your child to write at home.




Understanding the World

During the Summer term we would learn about Lifecycles. Below are some links that will support the activities that we will be uploading to Tapestry: 


Expressive Arts and Design

Sing Up is launching ‘Sing Up at Home’ On the 20th April, they already have some Easter activities on there. We sing a lot of songs from this website, they are lots of fun.

Twinkl has a range of ideas for art and design

Mental health and Well being

Here is a resource that you can use with your children to start conversations about how they are feeling and how to manage those feelings.

Download [362.85 KB]

Download [633.40 KB]

Mini Task

We will be sending a package to our local Residential home when we return to school. We would like to spread the happiness to them, as they will be unable to see their friends for a long time. 

It can be as simple, or as creative as you like. You could draw, or paint a picture, or create something for them. Think together about what would make someone else smile, pictures of a flower, rainbow, it’s really up to you! 

Thank you for all of your support and cooperation.  Once again, please remember to join us on Tapestry for daily activities.

Keep safe, stay at home, and take care.

The Reception Team