Year 2

Here is a link to a page on Liverpool City Council’s website about the new childcare hubs which are opening on Monday:

Covid 19 parenting Blog – This blog is written by LCC, the Early Help Team and has contributions from citywide partner organisations. This has some great tips and tricks on support available to you, home learning ideas, playing together, and most importantly managing your own and your children’s well being through a difficult and uncertain time such as this. 










Here is a timetable that we have found that you could use to help your children stick to some routine. There are some ideas of activities that you can do for each slot and having this should allow you some space to work yourself also.

In Year 2 to help your child continue with their learning as best as possible during this time. We have sent out sets of work books covering Year 2 objectives. We ask you to work at your child’s pace, there is no expectation to complete all the work given and they may need support to complete tasks.  We wanted to be prepared and give your child as much as possible so not to disrupt their education. We have tried to match booklets to children best as possible.  

In addition to this, we have set this page with useful links, hints and tips that you can use at home.  


We have been looking at these topics 




Phonics and Spelling – Phonics Play phase 5/6 (Free Membership)  

Username- March20 

Password – home 

Phonics Bloom – free online games 



Science – This term we would’ve been learning about plants. Can you research what plants need to survive. Maybe you could try and grow your own plant or do some gardening ?
Take photos and upload them to your new seesaw account.

These are two presenters from Cbeebies who have created a live stream on youtube about all things science. Why not give it a go. 


History –
This term we would’ve been learning about the Great Fire of London. Can you do your own research;
how did the fire start?
Why did it spread so quickly?
How long did it last?
Can you create a project to show your learning?   

Here are some links to get you started with your research but can you find anything else? 

Art  – in art we have been sketching boats. Children can practise their sketching skills. Sketching boats, fruit, anything!! 

 D&T – 


Yoga for kids


Go Noodle – 


Try these videos to keep up with your hand signs and your Do Re Mi



These are an hour long so don’t feel that you need to the whole thing in one go. 

This video is great for practising our musical dimensions such as pitch, rhythm and tempo. 


Spanish link will take you to a site that lets you practise your spanish using fun games and collecting coins with your avatar. 


Other websites  

The website Twinkl are offering all new users free ultimate access for a month. To use this all you need to do is to set up an account using the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS on the link here you can download activities as well as guides and powerpoints which support pupils. 

Mental health and Well being

Here is a resource that you can use with your children to start conversations about how they are feeling and how to manage those feelings.


We hope you all stay safe and you can send photographs to Twitter @WellesbourneSch #Welliestogether to let us know how you are getting on. We will be sure to keep an eye out and comment to stay connected.  


From Mrs Yates, Mrs Skinner, Mrs Dempsey, Miss Shaw and Michelle