Year 4 

Here is a link to a page on Liverpool City Council’s website about the new childcare hubs which are opening on Monday:

Covid 19 parenting Blog – This blog is written by LCC, the Early Help Team and has contributions from citywide partner organisations. This has some great tips and tricks on support available to you, home learning ideas, playing together, and most importantly managing your own and your children’s well being through a difficult and uncertain time such as this. 



Here is a timetable that we have found that you could use to help your children stick to some routine. There are some ideas of activities that you can do for each slot and having this should allow you some space to work yourself also.

To help your child continue with their learning as best as possible during this time we have set this page up with useful links, hints and tips that you can use at home with your children.  

The website Twinkl are offering all new users free ultimate access for a month. To use this all you need to do is to set up an account using the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS on the link here you can download activities as well as guides and powerpoints which support pupils. 

We have been looking at these topics within our Maths/English/topic lessons.  


English – Once upon a picture is an excellent resource for writing. It uses images to inspire and challenge pupil’s thinking. Each picture comes with questions that could guide children. You could even take this further and create their own stories using the image as a starting point for their adventure. These can be found at 

Pobble is another excellent resource adding a new image every day. This can also be used as a starting point for pupils allowing them to discuss or explain the image or can be used as a story start. Activities like this are also excellent at developing key skills in reading such as inference and deduction. This can be found at 

Reading  Children will all be provided with a reading book as well as their choice of library book. As well as reading this children should take the opportunity to discuss and review their book.  

Oxford owl also has a wide range of ebooks at  

Spellings The next spellings we will be looking at are;  

solve sign
solution signature
Insoluble  assign
dissolve  design
solvent signal


length difficult
strength separate 
purpose suppose
history therefore
different knowledge



English/Inglés Spanish/Espagnol
Sardine Sardina
Tuna Atún
Shark Tiburón
Ballena Whale
Crab Cangrejo
Dolphin Delfin
Cow Vaca
Horse Caballo
Sheep Oveja
Leopard Leopardo
Hippopotamus Hipoptamo
Flamingo Flamenco
Starfish Estrella de mar
Octopus Pulpo
Pig Cerdo
Fly Mosca
Walrus Morsa
Peacock Pavo real
Polar bear Oso polar
Cat Gato
Dog Perro
Rabbit Conejo
Mouse Ratón
Spider Araña
Lion Léon
Girafe Jirafa
Snake Serpiente
Monkey Mono
Frog Rana
Elephant Elefante
Sea El mar
Farm La granja
House La casa
Jungle La selva
Savanna La sabana
Zoo El zoo 

This app allows you to keep practising your Spanish. It is free to sign up, children can play games every day and earn points the more they use it.

Maths – Numbots offers a range of basic number activities for children. To access this children should use their existing Time Table Rockstars login. Find this at  

Times tables – All of our pupils have a log in for TimesTable rockstars. A few minutes a day practising times tables is an excellent way for pupils to practise valuable skills. They can log on at  

Find a wealth of times table daily practise booklets which can be accessed through Twinkl  

Science– We will be investigating habitats in the summer term. Feel free to watch some fascinating clips at You may want to watch these clips yourselves first. 

History Follow up our learning about monarchs and investigate the Tudors and Victorians further using these links. 

PE– Why not keep fit as a family with these quick and easy workout videos! 






Why not try this video to help with your singing and your musical dimensions such as tempo, pitch, dynamics and more. 

Other useful websites for your year group: 

Many more resources are available specifically for Year 4 at  

Why not challenge yourself to a quiz at  

Mental health and Well being

Here is a resource that you can use with your children to start conversations about how they are feeling and how to manage those feelings.


Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week, which is the most important time of year for Christians. The week is marked by key moments in the dramatic last few days of Jesus’ life on Earth, before his death and resurrection on Easter Sunday. Maundy Thursday commemorates the washing of the feet and the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. This is followed by Good Friday when Jesus is crucified and dies on the cross. However, it is not his death that Christians celebrate, it is his triumph over death and his promise of new life, which is a cause for celebration. It is for this reason that eggs, bunny rabbits and daffodils are shared at this time of year, as they all symbolise new life. Please take a look at the age-appropriate video clips below for you children:

Key Stage 2 (7-11) Religious Studies Easter…/religious-studies-ks2-easter/znkngwx


We would love to see what you are getting up to and check in during this time. To do this tweet us @WellesbourneSch #Welliestogether 

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. We would like to send our best wishes to your family and look forward to welcoming you back when school re- opens. 



Miss Byrne, Mr Lewis and Mrs Axworthy.