Year 6 

Here is a link to a page on Liverpool City Council’s website about the new childcare hubs which are opening on Monday:


Covid 19 parenting Blog – This blog is written by LCC, the Early Help Team and has contributions from citywide partner organisations. This has some great tips and tricks on support available to you, home learning ideas, playing together, and most importantly managing your own and your childrens well being through a difficult and uncertaintime such as this. 










Here is a timetable that we have found that you could use to help your children stick to some routine. There are some ideas of activities that you can do for each slot and having this should allow you some space to work yourself also.
To help your chi
ld continue with their learning as best as possible during this time, below are suggested activities for them to complete. 


Maths Revision 

Maths CGP SATS Question Book– Work through the pages that we have not yet completed in class. We would suggest 2 pages per day. 

Times Table RockstarsNumbots– Log on at  or  and use the TTRS log-in details for both. Numbots will start off with basic numbers then become more challenging as they demonstrate their ability. 


Spelling Book– We would suggest 2 pages per day. 

English SATS Question Book – Work through at their own pace. 

Home reader- continue to read regularly at home (this could be their school reading book or any book of their choice). 


Research the 90’s – Entertainment, music, fashion, sporting events and major events.                             

Write or type up findings. This will help us to write a chronological report when we return to school.  

Useful websites  

  • Twinkl are offering all new users free ultimate access for a month. To use this all you need to do is to set up an account using the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS on the link here you can download activities as well as guides and powerpoints which support pupils. 
  • Once upon a picture is an excellent resource for writing. It uses images to inspire and challenge pupil’s thinking. Each picture comes with questions that could guide children. You could even take this further and create their own stories using the image as a starting point for their adventure. These can be found at 
  • Pobble is another excellent resource adding a new image every day. This can also be used as a starting point for pupils allowing them to discuss or explain the image or can be used as a story start. Activities like this are also excellent at developing key skills in reading such as inference and deduction. This can be found at 
  • Hit the Button– Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers. 
  • Education Quizzes– Test your knowledge on a number of topics, tailored to your child’s year group objectives.  
  • Topmarks  Interactive games for a range of subjects.  


Try these videos out together as a family to help stay fit. 




English/Inglés Espagnol
Living room El salón
Entrance hall La entrada
Kitchen La cocina
Bedroom El dormitorio
Garden El comedor
Bathroom El jardin
On Encima de
Under Debajo de
In Dentro de
In front of Delante de
Behind Detrás de
Next to Al aldo de
El hijo/la hija Son/daughter
El padre/la madre Father/mother
Le primo/la prima Cousin (m/f)
El tio/la tia Uncle/aunt
El sobrino/la sabrina Nephew/niece
10 Diez
20 Veinte
30 Treinta
40 Cuarenta
50 Cincuenta
60 Sesenta
70 Setenta
80 Ochenta
90 Noventa
100 Cien 

This app allows you to keep practising your Spanish. It is free to sign up, children can play games every day and earn points the more they use it.



There are loads of free music theory sheets and composer biographies to help.

this has theory lessons and exercises that children can take part in. 

Why not try this video to keep up with your singing and your musical dimensions such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics and more. 


have a look at other people games on this and see if you can have a go at coding your own. 
This has free resources where you wont always need a computer to complete the work. 

Try and code your way around the house. 

Mental health and Well being

Here is a resource that you can use with your children to start conversations about how they are feeling and how to manage those feelings.


Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week, which is the most important time of year for Christians. The week is marked by key moments in the dramatic last few days of Jesus’ life on Earth, before his death and resurrection on Easter Sunday. Maundy Thursday commemorates the washing of the feet and the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. This is followed by Good Friday when Jesus is crucified and dies on the cross. However, it is not his death that Christians celebrate, it is his triumph over death and his promise of new life, which is a cause for celebration. It is for this reason that eggs, bunny rabbits and daffodils are shared at this time of year, as they all symbolise new life. Please take a look at the age-appropriate video clips below for you children:

Key Stage 2 (7-11) Religious Studies Easter…/religious-studies-ks2-easter/znkngwx


We would love to keep in contact and see what you are getting up to. Send us pictures and updates on twitter @WellesbourneSch #welliestogether

Thank you for your cooperation 


Miss Barton and Miss Jones