Children are naturally drawn to science-based activities. Added to the fact that they appeal to their innate curiosity and desire to make sense of the world.

It’s ideal to tap into this natural enthusiasm as early on as possible by including science activities at home. Helping to establish a love of science at a young age is beneficial in many ways:

• It fosters the desire to explore and experiment
• It helps develop analytical and problem-solving skills
• It nurtures an understanding of cause and effect, trial and error
• It helps develop an understanding of the world
• It supports the development of communication and collaboration skills
• It expands vocabulary

Bring science to your own home by:



Websites for parents and children

An overview of the science curriculum

KS1 Science guides and clips

KS2 Science guides and clips

NASA kids


Games and Apps

The children’s university of Manchester

The Science Museum


Ideas for Investigations – ask an adult’s permission or for guidance!

Fun Science activities – Oxford Owl

Science Sparks investigations

Science Experiments for Kids

More fun investigations



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