The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated to schools at the beginning of each financial year. The allocation is decided by a fixed amount per child, when the family is entitled to free school meals. Schools are free to spend their Pupil Premium grant as they see fit. The Head Teacher has absolute discretion to decide, using all reasonable endeavors, how best the Pupil Premium be spent to benefit each child.

The Head Teacher will, so far as reasonable and practicable, consult with the leadership team, governing body, all staff and/or other interested parties, to assist her in making a well informed decision.

There is a higher percentage of children at Wellesbourne Primary and Nursery School allocated Pupil Premium than the national average.

In respect of the academic year 2020 – 2021 the Pupil Premium Allocation is £248,825 (Forecast). Our priority this academic year is to provide focused individual and small group support using robust analysis of data to maximise the use of resources. The Deputy Headteacher, Learning Mentor and SENCO will continue to offer individual support, to children and families, as needed. We are continuing to fund a music specialist teacher, and an ICT specialist teacher to ensure children are reaching their maximum potential in these areas. The school has employed two additional teachers to allow class teachers to plan personalised work with groups of children in their classes that may have fallen behind to the absence from the Covid19 pandemic.

We fund an additional teaching assistant in year 3 and a HLTA in Year 6 to enable a greater focus on reading which has been identified as a key area. As a result of the funding we are able to keep class sizes low in the majority of our cohorts. It is the policy of the school, in line with the governors’ directive, to continue to provide good adult role models and specialist teaching, therefore this year we have introduced yet more sports coaching into our Early Years and Key Stage 1. More opportunities for extracurricular sports, after school and at lunch time have been secured through the employment of a sports apprentice. Additionally, this year we have continued to fund opportunities for lunchtime and after school clubs, including 2 walking clubs which targets our most vulnerable children, and 5 lunchtime running groups which target our vulnerable children.


Reading has been identified as an area for concern and this year we are focusing on our younger children. Analysis of assessment data has shown us that our children struggle to use varied and interesting vocabulary, on occasion due to lack of experience. We have funded a variety of activities to broaden the children’s’ experience and develop their vocabulary skills.

Additionally, a percentage of the grant will be spent on supporting our free school meals families directly as the need arises, and at the discretion of the Head teacher and governing body.


Finally, we intend to work with appropriate agencies to offer support for parents. With a combination of all these plans we are sure we will diminish the difference for our pupils in these areas.

To see a detailed view of how we plan to spend our allocation of Pupil Premium Funding for 2020-2021 please click on the link below.

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