School Vision Statement

Living to Learn, Learning to Live

School Mission Statement

Wellesbourne Primary and Nursery School aspires to provide the highest quality of learning experiences in a safe, caring environment, valuing diversity and preparing learners for an ever changing world.

We aim to create a community which promotes learning as an exciting, independent and lifelong activity and broadens children’s horizons and aspirations.

School Aims

Wellesbourne Primary and Nursery School aims to:

  • Encourage independence and confidence
  • Encourage respect for others and personal self-esteem
  • Provide balanced child centred programmes that are well resourced and value children’s prior knowledge
  • To recognise the value of children’s progress
  • To ensure consistency and continuity of learning programmes throughout the school
  • To provide a safe physical and emotional environment that reflects the cultural diversity of the school
  • To challenge children to become responsible for their learning
  • To respect the rights, and value the contribution of parents, children and staff through effective communication
  • To promote pride in oneself, school and culture


We have 5 simple school values which all members of our school community strive to adhere to, these values are based upon the acronym ‘Reach’

is for Respect – we believe that everybody should be treated with respect and be respectful to others

E is for Effort – we all try our best to give 100% effort in what ever we do

A is for Attendance – we aim to be in everyday and to be one time, if we are not here we cannot learn!

C is for Co-operate – we try our best to be cooperative, to behave in the correct manner, to be kind and helpful to others

H is for Honest – we want to be honest citizens this helps us to develop good character and strong self esteem