Here at Wellesbourne Primary and Nursery School, we strive to give our children a high quality computing education. This will endeavor to equip children to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Computing has cross curricular links with many subjects especially in mathematics, science and design and technology. The core of computing is computer science in which pupils are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming. Building on this knowledge and understanding pupils are able to use technology to create programs and a range of content. Computing ensures that pupils will become digitally literate and confident in expressing themselves and developing their ideas through information and communications technology. Above all E-safety is at the heart of every lesson to prepare and educate the children in how to be kind, cautious and above all safe in this digital world that we live in. 

Computing Curriculum

Year 1 

Over this term we have been learning about all the different parts of the computer such as; the screen, the keyboard, the mouse and the hard drive. We focused on using the mouse by using mouse control activities on websites like:

These have helped us to learn that we only need to move the mouse a little bit for the mouse on the screen to move. 

We have now moved onto the keyboard where we will use activities to help us locate where the letters are placed on the keyboard to help us to learn to type.


Year 2 

Over this term we have been progressing onto touch typing to learn how to type using the home row as a base for our fingers. We have been using the BBC dance mat typing which works in stages to focus on single fingers at a time. We must learn to use the correct fingers for each letter this will gradually speed up our typing words per minute which we did a test at the beginning of the term and then will re do it to see if we have improved. 
We are currently working on Level two Stage 4. 


Year 3

Last half term we looked at networks and how computers communicate with each other. To do this we did this unplugged and were the computers ourselves and acted out how this would happen. We learnt about Servers, Clients, Data Packets, Local Area Networks, Wider Area Networks and the difference between the internet and the world wide web. 



Year 4

This term we are looking at animation and specifically green screen animation. We are creating our animation on the history of the building of Hadrian’s Wall to link in with our Roman history project. We are using the Stop Motion app on our iPad’s and animating Lego figures to retell our stories that we have planned out. 


Year 5 

Last Half term we looked at Photography using 3 different lenses to change the effects of our pictures. we used a fish eye lens, a macro lens and a wide angle lens. With each of these lenses we used one of our keywords to help focus our pictures in our groups. Our keywords were focus, background, foreground, light, framing, lens, focal point and perspective. 
Have a look at some of our Photographs below. 


Year 6 

Over this term we have been looking at E-safety and were completing a project where we had to create a board game. this board game had to give the players different scenarios around topics that we had been discussing and researching such as; Think before you speak, Privacy, Copyright, Online gaming and cyber bullying. We watched videos and discussed the impact that not following our e-safety rules can have not only o us but for other people around us also. We used an activity called interland which is made by Google to help us work through what we thought correct answers were to scenarios and if they weren’t why did we think that.  Here are some links for you to discuss with us at home if your not sure.


Here are a few tips to help stay Safe online for you and your children 

Internet Safety Advice: Top Tips for Parents

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