The importance of Geography at Wellesbourne

Wellesbourne Primary School is committed to providing all pupils with engaging, inclusive opportunities to engage in all aspects of Geography. Thus, this policy sets out a framework that gives guidance on the Intent, Implementation and Impact of planning, teaching and assessment to ensure this occurs.

Geography is an essential part of the curriculum; it provides grounds for exploration, appreciation and understanding of the world in which we live. It contributes to the cultural, social, spiritual and moral life of children as they acquire knowledge of a range of different cultures and traditions, and learn tolerance and understanding of other people and environments. Moreover, Geography is a subject whereby pupils learn the skills of understanding locality and how/where people fit into its overall structure.

The teaching of Geography would be difficult without acknowledging the future of our planet. Our Geography Curriculum therefore places great importance on the interaction between the physical and the human environment, and gives opportunities to make children aware of the effects upon their surroundings, their own responsibilities and how they can contribute to improving the environment – however small that contribution might be.

Intent of Geography throughout Wellesbourne

Wellesbourne’s Geography curriculum intends to develop pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, so as this knowledge remains with them for the rest of their lives. Children explore a variety of places – both in Britain and overseas – to assist in developing their knowledge, vocabulary and understanding of our Earth’s physical and human processes. We are committed to providing children with plenty of initial opportunities to investigate and make enquiries about their local area of Norris Green and Liverpool – so that they can develop of real sense of who they are, their heritage and what makes our local area unique and special.

Through high quality teaching, we intend to develop the following essential characteristics amongst our geographers:

  • Inspire pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives;
  • Hold secure knowledge of where places are and what they are like/how they are used – both in Britain and the wider world;
  • Have a widespread understanding of the ways in which places are interdependent and interconnected;
  • Cultivate the ability to reach clear conclusions and explain their findings;
  • Maintain confidence in fieldwork skills as well as other geographical aptitudes and techniques;
  • Express well-balanced opinions, rooted in very good knowledge and understanding about current issues in society and the environment;
  • Develop an extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary.

Wellesbourne’s Geography Curriculum

Years 1-6

Please see our ‘Curriculum Overviews’  for each year group below


Geography Curriculum Overview Year 1 (document opens in new window)

Geography Curriculum Overview Year 2 (document opens in new window)

Geography Curriculum Overview Year 3 (document opens in new window)

Geography Curriculum Overview Year 4 (document opens in new window)

Geography Curriculum Overview Year 5 (document opens in new window)

Geography Curriculum Overview Year 6 (document opens in new window)



Wellesbourne children in EYFS use a range of Geographical skills to learn about:

  • Their immediate locality in terms of places around our school and grounds.
  • Familiar features such as houses, farms and shops – and build on their everyday experiences.
  • Encountering distant places through topics and stories.
  • The weather regularly, becoming familiar with types of weather and this affects us. 
  • Different jobs which people do in our community.

Geographical Skills covered throughout all years at Wellesbourne

To see what Geography skills are covered across each year group throughout all units taught, please click the relevant link below:

EYFS skills progression

KS1 and KS2 skills progression

Geography themed days/projects at Wellesbourne

Each year, on top of our weekly Topic lessons that consist of Geography or History, we have a whole day off normal timetable and complete fun and exciting Geography tasks all day. Here are the last few years’ themed days we have had, and what is coming up – watch this space!

2018/2019 – Read a Map/Fieldwork Day!

2019/2020 – Fieldwork Day!

2019/2020 – ‘Around the World in 6 years!’ learning log project 

2019/2020 – Sustainability Day – Saving our Future Planet!

2020/2021 – Go Green Day!

Geography clubs at Wellesbourne

By the end of 2022, we will have a very exclusive ‘Eco Warriors’ club at Wellesbourne.

Those in this club will be working together to make sure our school and local area are doing all we can to make our future planet as brilliant as can be!

We will design our own exclusive Eco Warrior Club Badges and wear these with pride around school.

The club will meet weekly to explore ways we can improve the way things are done in and around school to make our area more sustainable.

If this is a club you are interested in – be sure to speak to Miss Butler!

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