Here at Wellesbourne our Music curriculum allows children to delve into their artistic and creative side. It allows them to work and play as an ensemble building on the team building and listening skills. It also builds on their historical and research skills when learning about composers new and old.


Our Curriculum


We have three main areas in music that we look at over the year in years one through to six; singing, instrumentation and listening and appraising. Over their time here at Wellesbourne children experience a wide range of music from different era’s and styles.

When singing children learn to sing using the Kodaly method which we then implement into our songs which range from nursery rhymes through to songs from around the world. In Ks1 we focus more on singing together in unison as a group listening to each other, our tuning and diction. In KS2 we focus more on adding harmonies and singing in parts such as round and canons. This helps to encourage independence and leaderships skills in small groups.

For instrumentation children have the opportunity to access a wide range of instruments which they will use over the course of the year to compose their own music. Children are also given an instrument focus over a term such as tuned percussion in KS1, Recorders in lower KS2 and Ukuleles in upper KS2.

Children are also exposed to a wide range of musical styles and era’s when listening and appraising from the great classics of Bach and Mozart to more modern composers. Children are also exposed to the future of music by learning how music and technology are now working closer together using apps such as garage band and drum machines to help them create their own dance and house style compositions


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