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Good morning, staff have been working extremely hard to set up a new program for our pupils. We are excited to share with you that on Monday we will be uploading activities for our children via ‘Seesaw’. This is an online resource that will allow us to communicate with children, set activities, share videos and respond to pupils work more effectively and personally as we feel that it is important for our children to maintain links with staff

Seesaw has secure access and all children will be set an individual log in code ensuring that children’s work and anything they upload is secure. Over the coming days staff will be posting some useful information relating to Seesaw.

In order to set this up and provide children with an individual log in we require an email address from parents/carers. We would ask that you send an email to the relevant address listed below. In the email could you send your child’s name and their class (eg. Donald Duck, 1PP). It will be a huge job for the staff who are arranging these log in details. We will then reply to this email on Monday when the site will go live. The email address below will only be monitored for log in requests and will not be used as a communication tool for any other concerns. We understand that it may take a little time to get to grips with this new app but we are here to support you. Seesaw can be downloaded on apple and android devices or used on a laptop/desk top computer.

Seesaw will be used by staff from years 1-6. Reception and Nursery will continue to use tapestry. On tapestry, staff will be sending out announcements and activities so please do keep checking there too.

We are hoping to reach as many families as possible with this information so we would ask that you share this information with friends and family who may not be on social media.

For log in details please send your child’s name and their class to the relevant email account.

For Years 1 & 2;

For Years 3 & 4;

For Years 5 & 6;

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