Wellesbourne Pupil Council 2016 – 2017


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Clayton Dixon

Maisie Wallace

Nicky Zhang

Alfie Davis


Tomas Flynn

Molly Barton

Bobbie Monroe

Tom Ludgate


Theo Peasron

Chloe O’Neil

Maja Wozniak

Liam McCaig


Millie Hoult

George Parkinson

Kelsey Goldby

Cory Hannah


School Council Meeting Minutes –

Pupil Council Meeting minutes 15 03 17


Meet this years school council, we had our first meeting of the year on Monday 19th September

We are feeling very proud to have been chosen by our class mates to represent them in pupil council meetings. We will do our very best to uphold the agreed values of our school and will make sure that decisions made in our school are made with the help of all children.

Red jumpers have been given out in assembly today 7th October 2016, now you can easily spot members of your school council.



We have had a very successful School Council now for 8 years. Each class vote in their chosen councillors after the candidates have read out their manifesto’s. The councillors wear a different coloured sweatshirt/cardigan for recognition should anyone need their assistance.

The councillors actively participate in every aspect of school life

  • Family events,
  • Putting forward proposals to improve school environment,
  • Taking part in recruiting new staff,
  • Helping with anti bullying, behaviour and safeguarding policies,
  • Being a voice for all pupils
  • Involved in wider community development
  • Learning about citizenship
  • The councillors meet regularly for updates of school business.

Merseyside School’s Parliament

The Merseyside School’s Parliament has been in action for twelve years, many schools, juniors and seniors in Liverpool, are involved in the project.

Every term there is a meeting which takes place in Liverpool Town Hall. There is usually a guest speaker, e.g. a local councillor, or a Police representative and various speakers from the Education Department or Children’s Services.

The young parliament members are encouraged to join in the debates and put forward their views and opinions. Adults who accompany the children are discouraged from participating at the meetings and are aware that this is the children’s forum.

We are very proud of all our Wellesbourne Councillors and especially when we see the Merseyside Schools Parliament in ‘action’ at the meetings.