Head Teacher

Ms M Mallon

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs N Ryan


Miss S Rose –  EYFS Lead, SLT member, Reception Teacher

Miss D Mannion –  Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Gilliland – Reception Teacher & Parental Involvement

Mrs C Willshire – Reception Teacher (part time)

Mrs C Brown – Reception Teacher (part time)

Miss G Abe – Nursery  Teacher

Miss N Calder- Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Yates – EYFS PPA cover

Mrs B Peoples – Nursery Nurse

Miss A Wise – Nursery Nurse

Miss M Campbell – Nursery Nurse

Phase 2

Mrs C Skinner – Phase 2 Leader, Science Coordinator, Senior Leader and Y2 Teacher

Miss J Shaw – Y2 Teaching Assistant

Miss M Barton – Y2 Teacher,  Mathematics coordinator

Mrs S Dempsey – Y2 Teaching Assistant

Mr P Pearson – Y1 Teacher and MFL Co-ordinator

Miss K Clarke – Teaching Assistant

Miss E Byrne – Y1 Teacher

Mrs P Axworthy – Y1 Teaching Assistant

Miss G Rowan – Y1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Cooper – Reading SA

Mrs S Lynskey – Reading SA

Phase 3

Mr C Lewis – Y3 Teacher

Miss C Williams – Y2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hurst – Y3 Teacher

Mrs J Hopkins – Y4 Teaching Assistant

Mr O Kingsley – Year 4 Teacher (mornings)

Mrs C Wilshire – Year 4 Teacher (afternoons)

Mr K Bulger – Year 4 Teacher

Mr O Kingsley – Music teacher (afternoons Years 2-6)

Mrs I Davis – Y3 Teaching Assistant

Phase 4

Miss S Fox – Y6 Teacher

Mrs S Ellis – Y6 Teaching Assistant

Miss H Burns – Phase 4 Leader, Y6 Teacher and Writing Co-ordinator

Mrs Betteley – Y6 Teacher

Mrs Craney – Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Paget Butler – Y5 Teacher and History Co-ordinator

Miss Jones – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Butler – Year 5 Teacher Geography Co-ordinator

Mr M Helme –  SENCO, CP Officer and Senior Leader

Miss M Mitka – Y5 Teaching Assistant

Brian is our whole school sports coach

Pastoral & Safeguarding Team

Miss J Moore – Learning Mentor

Mr M Helme – Safeguarding Lead


Whole School Support

   Clerical Staff
 Kitchen Staff
Lunch Time Supervisors
Cleaning Staff & Site Manager
Mrs S Burns

Miss K Toole

Mrs M Stafford – Cook

L Westhead

N Wilkes

A Williams

A Aspinall


L Camello

M Campbell

O Chan

M Critchley

P Durham

L Foster

M Hesketh

P Hughes

G Jackson

J McVey

K Rogerson

Y Stritharan

M Statham

B Williams

B Woods

D. Ellison – Site Manager

C Lee

P Geraghty

C Goodfellow

S Tomlinson