Pupil Premium Grant 2016 -2017


The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated to schools at the beginning of each financial year. The allocation is decided by a fixed amount per child, when the family is entitled to free school meals. Schools are free to spend their Pupil Premium grant as they see fit. The Head Teacher has absolute discretion to decide, using all reasonable endeavors, how best the Pupil Premium be spent to benefit each child.

The Head Teacher will, so far as reasonable and practicable, consult with the leadership team, governing body, all staff and/or other interested parties, to assist her in making a well informed decision.

There is a higher percentage of children at Wellesbourne Primary and Nursery School allocated Pupil Premium than the national average.

In respect of the academic year 2016 – 2017 the Pupil Premium Allocation is £270,559 (Forecast).Our priority this academic year continues to be to provide high quality adult support for our children. The Learning Mentor and SENCO will continue to offer individual support, to children and families, as needed. This year we are funding additional teachers (mornings) to support our Year 3, 4, and 6 children. We have funded a music specialist teacher to teach music through the school, Year 3 – Year 6 during the afternoons. This will develop the spoken word and enhance creativity and self esteem.
We continue to fund additional teaching assistants in each year 2, 6 and 5 classes to concentrate on developing mathematics and English. Additionally two experienced teaching assistants in Early Years and KS1 to support reading. We have established high levels of staffing and our year group teams work together to ensure all are supported and challenged according to their needs. As a response to the ever changing computing curriculum and advances in new technology we have employed a part time teacher to deliver specialist ICT lessons to all pupils during afternoon sessions this ensures our children and staff are well equipped to use ICT to enhance the delivery of the national curriculum. As a result of the funding, are able to keep class sizes low. It is the policy of the school, in line with the governors’ directive, to continue to provide good adult role models and specialist teaching, therefore this year we have introduced yet more sports coaching and opportunities for extracurricular sports, after school and at lunch time.

Writing is still identified as an area of weakness for our children. Within this some of our children struggle to use varied and interesting vocabulary, on occasion due to lack of experience. We have funded a variety of activities to broaden the children’s’ experience and develop their vocabulary skills. we have also part funded the refurbishment and creation of a new learning hub and library area in what used to be the ICt suite and Library landing area, this will develop the children’s creativity and promote independent learning.

Additionally, a percentage of the grant will spent on supporting our free school meals families directly as the need arises, and at the discretion of the Headteacher and governing body.

Finally, we intend to further resource ICT and the use of the web site / Twitter. This will enhance learning in a current and interesting way which our children will more readily engage in. With a combination of all these plans we are sure we will narrow and/ or close the gaps for our pupils in these areas.

Breakdown of Pupil Premium spending

Use  Strategy  Amount  Anticipated Outcome 
Extra teacher support/ Specialist support Additional teaching staff for small group work and 1:1 tuition. SENCO now out of class and able to deliver support to individual children as needed. £40,000 The gap between FSM and non FSM will narrow.
Extra teacher support/ Specialist support Additional teaching staff for third teacher for  Year 6. £32,000 Smaller groups will result in higher / more secure knowledge in the new national curriculum. Gaps for specific groups will close.
Specialist support Experienced teacher to deliver interventions for Year 3 mathematics and Year 4 writing (areas of need for pupil premium children) £38,000 Programmes will support small groups of children and individuals to develop self-confidence and increase engagement, enabling them to access the curriculum more readily.
Specialist support Learning Mentor . she is fully aware of the FSM children in each class and has close contact with all of the families. She also successfully liasies with other agencies to obtain the best support for children/families. £25,000 Programmes will support small groups or individuals enabling them to access the curriculum more readily.
Additional support Additional experienced teaching assistant support to work with children who are falling behind their age related expectations in Y5. £14,000 The gap of attainment between FSM and Non-FSM will narrow in this year group.
Specialist support  

Additional teaching assistants to support reading in Early Years and Key Stage 1. 1:1 reading and use of Reading Partners Programme delivered by an experienced teaching assistant.

£20,000 The gap in reading attainment between FSM and Non-FSM will narrow. Less able readers will develop confidence and enthusiasm in reading.
Enrichment Create and resource new Learning Hub so that books are appealing to children and technology is used to deepen knowledge. Promote the use of independent research and learning. £30,000 Gaps between FSM and Non-FSM will narrow.
Specialist support Continue whole class music lessons which focus on improving self esteem, confidence and creativity. £20,000 Evaluations report more confidence and higher self esteem. Children more engaged and enthusiastic about their learning. FSM more able to excel and master aspects of the curriculum.


Enrichment Digital media and additional resources £10,000 additional ICT equipment to support the development of reading and maths skills. The percentage of children achieving national expectations in reading, writing and maths increases at the end of all key stages.
Pastoral support Work with community groups to support groups of children in developing confidence, self esteem, social skills etc. (needs based) £3000 Children engaged and motivated – ready to achieve potential. Self esteem built and better engaged with education.
Pastoral support Support families directly, as the need arises, and at the discretion of the Headteacher and governing body. £2000 Programmes will support small groups of children and individuals to develop self-confidence and increase engagement, or create potential to enjoy enriched opportunities.
Total spend £277,000


Academic Year 2015 – 2016 Impact

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