Miss Rose is our EYFS Leader. The curriculum follows the guidelines for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Topics in the Reception are child initiated and very flexible. They are adapted each year to match the interests and abilities of the children. While some favourite topics are repeated each year, e.g. Spring, these are adapted so that the children get the skills and knowledge that they need from this.

Meet our Reception Team, Miss Rose (Teacher), Mrs Willshire (Teacher), Mrs Brown (Teacher, part time), Mrs Mannion (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Wallace (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) will be happy to talk to you about your child’s need and interests. For further information, please contact the school.

– To see our EYFS blog please click the link below
EYFS blog


– What is the Early Years Foundation Stage? Further information about the EYFS and how your child learns in those vitally important first years, can be found in the following documents:

Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

What to Expect, When?

This will also give you ideas for how to support your child’s development at home.


– Here are some useful links for your child to practise their phonics with you at home.

Phonics buried treasure

Jolly Phonics